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Speed-testing using mind-maps


Learn how to utilize mind maps to plan, test, adapt and report your testing. In this workshop we will be putting some structure and process into our exploratory testing to see how we can manage to get the most out of our limited time

99 Minutes

Max 100 attendees


bugs, context, exploratory-testing, models, risks, testing-notes

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • How u can use mind mapping techniques to structure your exploratory testing
  • Use self-reflection as a tool to guide your learning and identify gaps and weak spots
  • Adapt your testing approach by setting a goal and mission for your testing session
  • Combine your plans, notes, reflections and results into a report of your testing, results and recommendations


In contrast to ad hoc or “intuitive” testing, Exploratory Testing expects us as professionals to have a systematic approach to testing. Structure and processes tend to be regarded as impediments to momentum, and when time is limited we start cutting corners. Cutting corners risks leaving us with a feeling of not being in control and bugs start slipping through cracks. This need not be the case. You can learn how to plan, test, adapt and report with minimal time by using visual models. In this hands-on Exploratory Testing session we will be using mind mapping techniques for planning, executing and reporting our results.

  • Reviewing requirements (provided as a fictional business scenario)
  • Planning, prioritizing and re-prioritizing your work. Hands-on testing the actual web application and drawing conclusions
  • Adapting to the unexpected
  • Summarizing your findings and recommendations for further work in a concise and useful manner

Participants will be working in small groups and will be provided with an Exploratory Testing template for the workshop. No previous experience with mind mapping is required. Having some familiarity with Exploratory Testing is helpful, but not a necessity.

Meet the Instructor

Lena Wiberg

Lena Wiberg

Engineering manager

Lena Wiberg has been in the IT-industry since 1999 when she got her first job as a developer. 2009, after a decade of code, she found her calling in testing. Since then she has worked in most testing-related roles, from lone tester in a team so building and leading testing organizations. She believes continuous improvement is something we should all strive for by keeping up to date and always challenge ourselves, our assumptions and the way things are done. She is an avid blogger, speaker and workshop facilitator. Lena lives outside of Stockholm, in a big house filled with gaming stuff and books with her family. She is currently working as an Engineering Manager at Blocket, Sweden’s largest marketplace. You can find her at http://www.pejgan.se or on twitter as @LenaPejgan

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