30 Days of Agile Testing

30 Days of Agile Testing

Join the 30 Days of Agile Testing challenge from Ministry of Testing!

Ready for another awesome 30 Days of Testing challenge?! Great! We've got a new challenge all ready for you to take part in! The theme this time is Agile Testing and this challenge has been kindly sponsored by TestRail.

Below is a list of 30 challenges and a bonus challenge, one for each day of the month. Download the PDF. Save it somewhere. Print it out. Stick it on your wall. Let’s do this!

What are the rules?

The goal is to tick off as many of the challenges as you can. You can do this in your own timeframe, or you can join us in our joint community effort. We will be encouraging the community to share their progress on this challenge from the 1st of September 2017. 

You may have an image to share, a blog post, a video, status update, whatever it is!  Come and participate!

Here is how you can get involved and share your progress:

30 Days of Agile Testing, the text version

  1. Buy an agile testing related book and share something you’ve learnt by day 30 
  2. Create a mindmap, document, diagram or sketchnote about what you think agile testing is 
  3. Find a video on YouTube about agile testing, then watch it! 
  4. Read the agile manifesto and reflect on the implications for your role 
  5. Pair with a developer on a feature 
  6. Map out what your exploratory testing looks like, compare it to what other testers do 
  7. Find a visual way of representing your tests - e.g. a mind map, diagram, model, etc. 
  8. Speak to a developer about a bug you found instead of logging it in the tracking system 
  9. Pair with a developer on a code review. Can you identify any risks? 
  10. Learn where the application logs are and how to read them 
  11. Find out what customers are saying about your product. What did you learn? 
  12. What test documentation does your team have? How can you improve it? 
  13. Learn to use a tool that your developers use - e.g. an IDE 
  14. How can you deliver greater value to your customer? 
  15. How can you make your testing processes (more) lean? 
  16. What barriers do you feel exist in testing in agile? 
  17. Map out your current team structure. How does it compare to other teams? 
  18. How can you make testing jobs easier? 
  19. How can you make jobs for your team easier? 
  20. Investigate what is in your and your team’s tool kit 
  21. How are you managing your testing, is it really agile? 
  22. Find out what testing is being done by other team members 
  23. What agile strategies are there for managing tests? How can you improve yours? 
  24. Look for a task that can be automated 
  25. What can’t you automate? Communicate that to your team 
  26. What does your Test Plan look like, what format do you use? 
  27. Look into zero bug tolerance, is this something your team could do? 
  28. What learning culture exists in your company? How can you contribute to it? 
  29. What columns do you have on your work tracker or kanban board? 
  30. What action does your team take on a red build? 
  31. BONUS: Debrief your whole team on your last session of testing
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