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Making Security Testing More User Friendly
Ioan shares how we can ease into security testing with the help of Zap Proxy
30 Days of Career Growth
Simple, short daily tasks to help you achieve your career goals!
Career Guidance For Software Testers After Parental Leave
Coming back to testing after becoming a parent can be tricky. Pricilla shares her experiences and advice on coming back to work after parental leave.
Escaping The Hamster Wheel Of Routine: Software Testers’ Edition
How do you avoid the trap of boredom in your testing career? Swathika shares her ideas on how to break out of your routine.
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome As A Software Tester
Impostor syndrome makes skilled software testers feel inadequate. Read on to learn how to reframe thoughts, get feedback, and find community to help overcome self-doubt.
The Importance Of Testing In A Reliable Staging Environment
Struggling with unstable staging environments plaguing your team? Read how poor staging spawns anti-quality culture, hidden costs, and production bugs.
Skyrocket Your Test Coverage With Model-Based Testing Using TestCompass
How can you improve your test coverage by using model-based testing tools?
Five Optimization And Performance Tools That Enhance Website User Experience
Learn how to expand your testing tool kit with these recommendations from Kasturi
In A World Of Record And Play, Where Does Playwright Fit In?
Ioan explores the record and playback features of the playwright ecosystem
Elevating Your Test Automation Projects With Meaningful Code Documentation
Communicate what your automation does with meaningful documentation
Avoiding The Million Dollar Question: How Did The QA Team Miss This Defect?
We've all been asked the question, but how can we improve things so it isn't asked again?
New Tester, New Product: How To Get New Testers Learning Your Product Effectively
Learn to get new testers, whatever their experience, savvy with your product super quick
Achieving Quality And Speed: Tips For QA Leaders In Delivering Exceptional Products
Konstantinos shares his experiences on the secrets of successful QA leadership
Testing Language Models With The Philosophy of Wittgenstein
It’s Time To Think About Language Models Again
A Tester’s Paradise
Keep spending most of our lives living in the tester’s paradise…
How To Level Up Your Chrome Browser Testing Skills
Kasturi shares their favourite chrome browser testing tools that they use to help elevate their work
A Tester's Guide To Navigating The Wild West Of Web3 Testing
Looking to get started with testing Web3 applications? Rafaela shares everything you need to get started
Systematic Exploratory Testing With YATTIE
Rahul shares his experiences of working the Exploratory testing tool YATTIE
Using Personal Data In Test Safely: How To Comply With the GDPR
GDPR and test data can be a tricky combination. Ioan shares how to ensure test data is GDPR compliant but still useful
Reviewing Requirements Documents
Tasked with reviewing a large requirements document? Bob Salmon has you covered with his handy tips for reviewing requirements documents
Laying Off Testers? Think Twice Before You Act!
Improve your job security by changing other people's perceptions of testing
Browser Cache Basics For Software Testers
Cache can be a nightmare for a tester, but Ioan is here to help with a guide to caching
Zero Bug Policy: The Myths And The Reality
Lewis shares his experience of working with a Zero Bug policy. What is it, how does it work and how can it help?
The Six Thinking Hats: A Catalyst For Fast And Effective Software Reviews
What if there was an option to use static reviews but with minimal impact on time and cost?
Five Things I Learnt Speaking At A Testing Conference For The First Time
Thinking about public speaking? Or is your first speaking gig just around the corner? This article shares Deborah's experience of speaking at a conference for the first time and how it might help you.
One Tab To Rule Them All: The Developer Tools Network Tab
Ioan Solderea shares his love for the Network tab in Developer Tools and why he thinks it's the best tab to use
TestRail Answer Your Questions
  TestRail answer your questions. Understand how you can transition to TestRail, how it can manage defects and how TestRail integrates with other tools like Xray. 
 How Product Owners With Testing Experience Can Promote Quality
How can a Product owner help to promote a quality mindset in a team? Read on to find out Mirza Sisic thoughts on the matter
Simple Tests For Accessibility Every Tester Should Know
Ady Stokes shares his simple accessibility tests that every tester can carry out in his new article