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What do you think are the most essential skills required for test automation?
How do you know when the overhead to maintain the automated test outweighs the value of the automated test?
What are the things that should not be automated and why?
If you have an existing big code base with no automation, where do you start?
How do you try convincing the business to invest in automation, especially when it delays the product delivery and is seen as an overall burden?
Which tools have been your personal favourite so far and why?
Are automated tests worthwhile when working on new projects with constantly changing 'agile' ideas?
What are your thoughts on the use of record and playback tools to develop automated tests?
Which languages are used the most in automated testing?
Can you suggest some metrics that can be used to identify if automation is adding value?
Can you share best practice for test automation on cloud platforms such as AWS and Open Shift? What are the differences and similarities between cloud and non-cloud test automation that we should consider?
Chapter TDid you write down your test automation strategy and did the developer - or others on your team - know about it?itle
What test data strategies do you find useful to be in your automation tests?
What are the best resources to learn when starting as an automated tester?
How do you avoid flaky tests?
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by Marie Drake to answer all your questions.
As we move towards DevOps ways of working, a key aspect to make it work is to have a solid test automation practice in place. There are so many models out there which can help us define what tests we need to automate on which level. However, if you are new to automation, you might get overwhelmed with the abundance of testing tools out there to choose from. In this session, Marie shared her experience with test automation and answered your burning questions!
This Testing Ask Me Anything was sponsored by PractiTest.
PractiTest is an end-to-end test management solution to organize, run, and visualize all your QA efforts in one centralized hub. It incorporates all testing types: manual, exploratory, and automation for any testing methodology.  Robust built-in integrations provide a streamlined process and improve team communication. View and share real-time test results using advanced customizable reports to make smarter decisions and release better software, faster.
Marie Cruz's profile'

Marie Cruz

Developer Advocate

Marie Cruz is currently a Developer Advocate at k6.io and Grafana Labs. She is a tech blogger at testingwithmarie.com and an accessibility advocate. She is also an online course instructor at Ministry of Testing and Test Automation University.
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