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10th January 2023
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Lee Marshall

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How to align the testing process in global squads and build a strong community practice in disparate teams?
How do you encourage others to join in and participate to avoid the 'same voices' taking over?
What do you do to make it driven and owned by the community and not rely on a single person?
How do you generate new topics when you have been going for some time?
How do you keep people interested in joining and engaging in the community of practice meetings?
Any tips for starting a community of practice in the workplace?
When we talk about the testing community, who are we referring to? Testers in a certain country, city, worldwide? And how would you engage with people outside of these communities?
Tell me about the worst communities of practice meeting you've ever been involved in and then tell me about the best.
How does a community of practice know that it's being effective, relevant and valuable?
How do you go about spreading the results of a guild in a way that will engage people?
How do you get buy in from the management to see this as a valuable use of time especially in the delivery focus question?
What were your main goals for starting your community of practice, have you achieved them and have there been any benefits you weren't expecting?
CHow do you make sure you're not going to burn out while running a community of practice?hapter Title
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by Lee Marshall to answer all your questions.
As teams move away from silos filled only with testers, developers and other roles, into more mixed, agile teams, it can make it more difficult to people to learn from others in the same role as them.

Communities of Practice are a great way for testers, developers, or any other role that share a common activity, to come together, share their skills and experiences, and learn from one another.
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Lee Marshall's profile'

Lee Marshall

Pirate Tester

A self-confessed pirate tester, Lee has been testing since 2012. Lee also runs a testing YouTube channel, sharing his ideas and experiences, as well as having other testers guest to share their own experiences. Outside of testing he is a husband, father, enjoys cooking and playing computer games.
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