Visual Automation Challenge

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Challenge Description

There are many visual testing tools now available on the market, and we’d like to learn how each of these would go about creating a visual test using restful-booker-platform which can be found here: We’d like to see how far you got with solving the challenge, what you liked about the tooling you used, and what you disliked.


Using a visual validation tool that you think the community would be interested in, show us how you would mitigate the following risk:

The map isn’t showing the correct location on the homepage

If you had to build automation to visually validate that the image is shown correctly, how would you do it?


One example of mitigating this risk might be to use SeleniumWebdriver and Applitools to:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to
  2. Use Applitools to take a screenshot of the Map section of the homepage and create a test report
  3. Confirm in the test report that the screenshot is correct
  4. Rerun to the test to confirm it now passes
What you’ll learn
  • Demonstrate a visual automation testing tool


Community Solutions

Visual Automation Challenge - Ioan Solderea using Playwright

Ioan Solderea

0h 11m 29s

Go Pro

Visual Automation Challenge - Suriya Prakash using Percy

Suriya Prakash

0h 18m 57s

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Visual Automation Challenge - Shai Srinivasan using Functionize

Shai Srinivasan

0h 19m 52s

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Visual Automation Challenge - Christine Pinto using Cypress and Applitools

Christine Pinto

0h 13m 13s

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Visual Automation Challenge - Tobias Mueller using TestResults

Tobias Müller

0h 4m 59s

Go Pro

Visual Automation Challenge - Geosley Andrades using Selenium Python and Applitools

Geosley Andrades

0h 4m 26s

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