Create A Visual Model Of An Application

Wednesday, 9th March 2022
Mark Winteringham
Mark Winteringham


Using restful-booker-platform / create a model of the application that shares details such as:

  • How the front-end of the application is built and how it connects to the back-end
  • What APIs the platform has and which API connects to which
  • How each part of the system talks to one another
  • What tools and libraries it uses


  • You will need to research the application in different ways. For example the product itself, the codebase and its documentation.
  • You can use a range of tools such as Miro, Visio,, etc. to create your model
  • Working collaboratively can help add different perspectives to your model

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a model of a system that visually describes how it works


This activity requires either access to or for you to run restful-booker-platform to run locally.


You can learn more about API automation in the models topic page. Here are some additional resources:

99 Minute Workshop recordings

  • Modelling a system/context - An Automation in Testing 99 Minute workshop in which Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham taught others how to model a syst



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