The Most Awesome User-Focused Dashboard

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Lewis Prescott

QA Lead

Challenge Description

Design the best user focused dashboard you’ve ever seen.


Complain (5 mins)

Vent and explain what is wrong with testing / monitoring dashboards today? What value do they hold and who are the people who actually look at the dashboards?

Generate ideas (10 mins)

What should be on a user dashboard? Add your ideas and headings to the board.

Make it pretty (10 mins)

Draw and colour in the charts, graphs and metrics.

Demo (5 mins)

Walk someone through the most awesome user focused dashboard. What are the most important metrics to display on a dashboard which represents the user?


Creating a user focused dashboard helps us focus on why we are building software and keeps the core things the user really cares about. Comparing current dashboard metrics and visuals with the user focused aspirational view will be an interesting comparison.

What you’ll learn
  • Draft dashboards that help visualise user data metrics


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