Create Test Data - Automation Week

Tuesday, 20th October 2020
Richard Bradshaw
Richard Bradshaw



The application for this challenge is the Restful Booker Platform. More about the application is available here. You can also ask questions related to the application there.

The Challenges:

Complete these challenges using any tooling of your choice.

  1. Create a JSON file that could be used to mimic the response of the Report API. That JSON file should contain 1000 valid entries.
  2. Create a library/package etc that can return random valid data for all the models in Restful Booker Platform. For example, if my automated checks I want to abstract all my data into the library so I can do things like user.username, user.password, user.telephone.

Tip. Random valid data is what we are after for challenge 2.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create JSON data


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