Discussion: Test Strategies

10th January 2023
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Jesper Ottosen

Senior Advisory Consultant

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Annee Riley

QA Technical Coach

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Barry Ehigiator

Software Test Engineer

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Join an enlightening panel discussion on test strategy, featuring industry veterans Anne Riley, Jesper Ottosen, and Barry Ehigiator. 

Watch to learn practical tips for agile teams, understand the difference between test strategy and test plan, and how to adjust strategies when project scopes change. This discussion delves into the importance of aligning test strategies at different project levels and offers insights into overcoming challenges like incorporating security and accessibility considerations. Perfect for testers seeking actionable advice on creating and adapting test strategies in dynamic project environments.

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Jesper Ottosen

Senior Advisory Consultant

Jesper primarily works with programs and projects that change the IT landscape of the organization, either by transitioning complete IT services or by transforming the IT solutions for the business to more up-to-date approaches and technologies. Jesper believes that aligning the business drivers and management needs is key to establishing a relevant test strategy. Jesper has recently used Wardley mapping to understand the business needs. He has found it key to create test activities that support organizational needs and business goals to scale. In addition, he has authored multiple leadership resources to help professionals see how making test strategy visible can deepen understanding of the ever-evolving systems landscape.
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Annee Riley

QA Technical Coach

I am an Agile Testing Consultant with 30+ years in IT around the world. Currently I've ceased being a Road-Warrior and am loving local work where I can spend evenings at home with my family and garden.
Barry Ehigiator's profile'

Barry Ehigiator

Software Test Engineer

Barry Ehigiator has over 8 years experience working in various software development teams across a variety of industries. He is currently a Senior Test Engineer at the BBC, working within the iPlayer (Mobile) department. His passion is in helping teams build quality products and develop a quality culture based on responsibility, collaboration, and the implementation of a consumer-centric, and risk-based approach to development and testing. Barry is an avid learner who enjoys reading, engaging conversations, listening to podcasts, attending workshops and conferences to stay informed on latest trends. He also enjoys football, video games and exercising.
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