Introduction To HTTP - Mark Winteringham

About This Course

Welcome to an Introduction to HTTP, an eleven-part course that takes you through the fundamental rules that make up HTTP requests and responses as well as the testing opportunities available when leveraging HTTP rules.

The course offers detailed descriptions of the rules and standards of HTTP, an introduction to Web services, and demonstrations of creating different types of HTTP requests using the popular HTTP testing tool, Postman.

By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to fire up your favourite API testing tool and start creating your own HTTP tests.

The course is 1 hour 10 minutes long and packed with 2 hours worth of exercises and demos for you to try out.

Resources you'll use throughout this course:



What You'll Learn:

An understanding of how Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) works.

Who's This Course For:

The approach to testing web applications is changing. Testers are being expected to test below the user interface level, Web applications are becoming more complex as they embrace Web service architectures and integrate the Internet of Things devices, and Test Automators are exploring alternative automation options such as automated API testing. This is useful understanding for anyone who works with web applications.


It may useful to take The Building Blocks of the Internet course to learn the fundamental technologies that make up websites and web pages.

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