Discovering Logic In Testing - Rosie Hamilton

Discovering Logic In Testing - Rosie Hamilton


We all test in different ways and sometimes it can be hard to explain the thought processes behind how we test. What leads us into trying certain things and how do we draw conclusions, surely there is more going on here than intuition and luck? After working in games testing for almost a decade, I will draw from my personal experience to explain how games testers develop advanced logical reasoning skills. Using practical examples that will make you think, I will demonstrate logical patterns, rules and concepts that can help all of us gain a deeper understanding of what is actually happening in our minds when we test.

Takeaways: See how testing looks and feels from the perspective of a games tester hear about some of the challenges games testers face.

Learn about the differences between Deductive, Inductive and Abductive reasoning along with the theory of Falsificationism.

Identify some of the biases we encounter when using personal observations and how logical reasoning can be applied when testing.