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Call for Contributions is open until 5th June 2022

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We will be focusing on Security in this online TestBash, a topic that has risen in interest for the past few years and is becoming more and more important.

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Stay tunned, more details on this event will come soon...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Attend

TestBash Security as well as all online TestBashes are included in Pro membership which makes it by far the most affordable way to attend. Pro MoT is £249.99 per year with discounts for teams and a monthly option for individual memberships. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket just for the event for £75 - these are now available!


We want this online conference to be all about Security and are actively looking for sponsors for the event. Email marketing@ministryoftesting.com to learn more about our sponsorship options.

Where is the event hosted?

TestBash Security is hosted on Hopin, an excellent platform for events like this. You'll need to create a Hopin account to access the event.  

How do I join the event?

1. Double check you're logged into your MoT Account. You'll see your avatar and name in the top right-hand corner.
2. Visit the Hopin event space at https://hopin.com/events
3. Enter the password sent to you in an email/or by visiting the top of the event page (Look for the "Join Details" section, on the page you're reading this FAQ) - Available one week before the event!
4. On the Hopin event space,  select "Join Event"
5. When prompted to SELECT TICKETS, select "Sign in to join the event" (at this point you can create a Hopin account if you don't have one already)
6. Close the "CHECKOUT" page
7. Select "Join Event" again
8. Congrats, you're now in the reception area of the event 🎉