Exploratory Staff Test Engineer

  • Feb 9, 2024
  • full-time
  • London / Wrexham, London. United Kingdom
We’re looking for an experienced exploratory software tester who is at home in an Agile environment, working across a community of practice and multiple product development teams, who has an inquisitive nature and desire to dig into the unknowns of the software.

You have a deep understanding of various testing approaches, especially tool-assisted exploratory testing. You are also comfortable with your skills and experience in testing continuously throughout the SDLC – testing the ideas for new features just as much as testing the designs, the code and the software itself, using a risk-based mind-set for structuring your testing and technical skills to test at all layers of the application. And you feel comfortable talking about these testing activities and mentoring others in their use too.

Our applications are written in JavaScript, and middleware Python, so ideally, you’ll be able to read and understand some of these languages and potentially pair with programmers to provide an insight into different risks. You should be comfortable with being involved in and adding to conversations relating to consensus decision making, around the team’s ways of working, tooling, quality and team objectives.
Chetwood Financial
Chetwood Financial

London / Wrexham, London. United Kingdom