How to Become an Expert in Your Domain

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Vera Baum

Learning Consultant & CEO

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Many people often doubt that they have enough talent to do a specific job or to become an expert in their field. They think that they need a certain pre-position to become an expert. But what is the definition of an expert and how does one get to be one?

In this masterclass, Vera talks about expertise and talent – or the lack thereof. They give an academic definition of what an expert looks like and how they differentiate from a novice. Vera also discusses why the domain is a relevant factor and highlights the importance of deliberate practice. In the end, Vera discusses practical steps you can take to increase the likelihood of becoming an expert in a specific domain.

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What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Define what an expert is
  • List the key characteristics of an expert
  • Describe how to become an expert
  • Compare experts with novices
  • Summarise how experts solve problems
Vera Baum's profile'

Vera Baum

Learning Consultant & CEO

Hi - I am Vera and I am a learning consultant and CEO at QualityMinds. I try to improve the learning process, especially for testers, for a couple of years now. Therefore I take a closer look on how people learn and what kind of, scientifically proven, methods would help them with their individual learning. To get a better understanding of my learners, I worked as a tester, product owner and Scrum Master in different projects.
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