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Jess Ingrassellino

Engineering Manager, Founder, Teacher

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Talk Description
Many testers work alone in small and mid-sized companies. Sometimes this can feel frustrating and overwhelming; sometimes, it's highly rewarding and freeing. 

In this Masterclass, Jessica Ingrassellino will share her experiences as the lone manual and automated tester in several mid-sized startups. Jessica will discuss the pros and cons of working as the lone tester. Then share strategies for managing multiple teams and departments, including organisational and team tactics. You'll then be shown how to use this advice in your own context.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Compare the pros and cons of being a lone tester
  • Realise the challenges of a lone tester can be growth opportunities
  • List strategies to implement to thrive as a lone tester
Jess Ingrassellino's profile'

Jess Ingrassellino

Engineering Manager, Founder, Teacher

Jess Ingrassellino, EdD, is a leader in the software and education industries, an engineering manager, and the founder of the education company Anleiten. She’s an accomplished violinist and violist, performing in several regional orchestras and a published author of articles, courses, and books.
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