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Test Management Adaptations in Times of Distributed Testing
Apply tips and tricks to sustain a high level of QA coverage with remote teams
Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance
How to effectively deliver contentious test results
Rewrite Vs Refactor
Key factors to consider when deciding to rewrite or refactor
Test Environments Management with Docker
Find out how Docker can simplify your everyday work
[E] Building a World Class QA team
Select outstanding QA Engineers and help them succeed as a team
Onboarding testers: Growing your new hire
Efficiently onboard new testers with a four stage strategy
Exploratory Testing: Making Use of Micro-heuristics
Discover how to find and use your own micro-heuristics
How to Test Data Analytics
Learn Data Analytics 101 in under an hour
Strategies to Make Your Automated Checks Reliable and Robust
Write maintainable automated checks quickly
From Testing Hell to Testing Well
Learn how to adopt a whole team approach to testability
Storytelling & Narratology for Software Testers
Tell more effective stories about your work using Narratology theory
How to Become an Expert in Your Domain
Discover the key factors and characteristics required to gain expertise
Understanding Mobile Device Fragmentation
Recognise 15 causes of fragmentation and how to tackle them
Providing Value to Agile Ceremonies as a Tester
Get out of the Standup/Retro rut
Introduction to VR Testing
Discover unique VR heuristics you can use to test VR products
Not All Who Wander Are Lost: A Career Experience Report
Discover the benefits of taking a wonky career path
A Tester's Guide to Testing AI Applications
Explore strategies to tackle testing AI-based apps
Tips to Improve Collaboration Between Testers and Developers
Focus on four areas to improve collaboration in your team
Highly Questionable - Being Interview Ready
Discover top tips on how to get and excel at interviews to land your next job
API Mocking and Service Virtualization Explained
Discover how service virtualization tools can work with a testing framework
A Tester's Guide to Blockchain Applications
Learn the basics of testing Blockchain in under an hour
Testing Challenges in the Highly Interconnected World of IoT
Discover the main challenges of testing IoT systems
Multiplying the Odds
Increase your employability in an ever changing world by multiplying the odds of thriving in your career as a software tester
Semantic Spelunking
Words matter. Explore semantics to communicate effectively
Living the Dream - How You Can Lead Successful Change
Take the steps needed to create change at your company
Testing Your Requirements
Learn an approach to test your requirements and catch defects early
Testing Below the Application
Go deeper and test the infrastructure of your application
Truthful Test Estimation
Use simple approaches to create honest test estimates
How To Build A Regression Checking Strategy
Discover how to avoid common mistakes when building a regression checking strategy