30 Days of AI: Charting New Frontiers in Testing

Incrementally transform your testing approach with daily AI-focussed tasks

Explore the world of artificial intelligence (AI) this March with 30 Days of AI in Testing (30 DoT). This month-long challenge invites testers and AI enthusiasts to explore the impact of AI on software testing. We’ll cover a whole range of AI-related topics, from the basics of prompt engineering to automated test generation, while also addressing ethics and bias in AI testing.

Whether you're experienced or new to AI, this 30 DoT offers an opportunity to connect with the community and enhance your skills and understanding of AI in testing.

Why Get Involved

  • Incrementally Elevate Your Skills: Each day brings a new, manageable task that builds on the last. Helping you gradually deepen your understanding of AI in testing.
  • Improve Your Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness: Discover the many ways AI can be used to improve your everyday testing, improving your efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Connect and Collaborate: Engage with a global community of testers and AI enthusiasts on The Club forum, sharing insights, and gaining inspiration and support.
  • Achieve AI Ambitions: Use this challenge as a stepping stone to reach your AI testing goals. Dip in and tackle the tasks that meet your AI ambitions.
  • Lead and Inspire: By sharing your AI journey and discoveries during the challenge, you’ll play a crucial role in advancing the knowledge and skills of the community.

How to Get Involved

Starting on the 1st of March, a daily task will be posted on The Club forum by a Ministry of Testing team member. Each task is designed to deepen your knowledge of AI in testing. You’re encouraged to reply to these posts with your insights, thought-provoking questions, and to offer support to others joining the challenge.

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