TestBash Brighton Tickets Now On Sale

On 23-24th of March 2017, TestBash Brighton is happening.

Last year we sold out 2 months in advance.  TestBash Manchester sold out 3 months in advance.  Please bear this in mind when booking!

The good news is that we have a new bigger venue, so we can cater for more people.

And even more good news is that we have new stuff happening.

We will start with:

Workshop day:

Then there will be a workshop day with a couple of talks sprinkled in.  You would need to choose a morning and afternoon workshop to attend after you register.

These are the workshops we have lined up:

  • Exploring Test Strategy Workshop¬†‚ÄstMike Talks
  • Mentoring Mastery ‚Äď Passing On Skills You ‚ÄúJust Do‚Ä̬†‚ÄstNicola Sedgwick¬†&¬†Shey Crompton
  • Story Mapping: Slicing Epics into Testable Bites¬†‚ÄstDavid Evans
  • Talk About Testing by NOT Talking about Testing¬†‚ÄstKeith Klain¬†&¬†Martin Hynie¬†&¬†Vernon Richards
  • Agile Exploration Workshop¬†‚ÄstAlessandra Moreira
  • Thinking and Working Visually for Software Testers¬†‚ÄstHuib Schoots
  • An Introduction To Testing Internet of Things¬†‚ÄstMark Winteringham¬†&¬†Diogo Nunes
  • Web And Mobile Security ‚Äď Attack Like A Black-Hat Hacker‚ÄstSanthosh Tuppad
  • Coaching Skills To Unlock The Potential Tester In Everyone!¬†‚ÄstToby Sinclair¬†&¬†Amy Phillips
  • Visual Collaborative Test Strategies¬†‚ÄstClem Pickering¬†&¬†Mike Grimwood
  • Critical Thinking for Testers, Programmers, and Managers¬†‚ÄstMichael Bolton

Conference day:

Our famous one-day single track conference will be on Friday, these are the talks we have lined up:

  • The Tester‚Äôs Survival Guide to Joining a Continuous Delivery Project‚ÄstAmy Phillips
  • Rediscovering Test Strategy¬†‚ÄstMike Talks
  • TBC¬†‚ÄstProfessor Harry Collins
  • Step Back to Move Forwards A Software Testing Career Introspective¬†‚ÄstDel Dewar
  • Kick-Ass Kick-Offs!¬†‚ÄstKevin Harris
  • Let‚Äôs Talk About Ethics And Software Testing¬†‚ÄstTobias Geyer
  • Heavy Lyfting: Building An Automation and Test Culture at Lyft¬†‚ÄstJoel Hynoski
  • Finding Testing Allies¬†‚ÄstMelissa Eaden
  • Growing a Testing ‚Äď Whole Team Organization The Hard Way¬†‚ÄstJim Holmes
  • What I Learned About Testing Software By Becoming A Developer, Then A CEO¬†‚ÄstDavid Christiansen
  • TBC¬†‚ÄstPaul Campbell

Open Space:

On Saturday we will host an open space/unconference.  This will be a much smaller event but full of the opportunities to go deeper into a conversation on any topic you want.

Social events:

As always, there will be pre, in between and post conference meetups.  Please allow time in your schedule to attend these.