Posted: Apr 4, 2018

TestBash Germany 2018 Tickets On Sale!

Vera & Marcel have shared their vision for TestBash Germany, why they selected some of the speakers and what you will take away from this great software testing conference! 

Munich stands for beautiful nature, friendly people, Dirndl & Lederhosen, beer and the Octoberfest.

This year we will bring all these cool things to our second edition of the #Oktobertest!

You not only have the chance to be part of this great international community but also see a very exciting lineup.

Our goal was to create a lineup that helps you to see your testing from different perspectives – for example with the talk by Michael Mingers who does not talk about software testing but how to test pen & paper roleplaying games.  As we plan to play some games during our Pre-TestBash Meetup Thursday evening at the QualityMind’s Office, it will definitely give you more insights into this fantastic genre.

Another perspective will be given by Christian Vogt, who is not only a tester but also an award-winning fantasy author, who shares his point of view on storytelling. Something you really do not want to miss!

Also, all the other great talks will give you more background information on familiar and unfamiliar topics like Testing in Production (Lucas), Testing for Purpose (Ravneet) the influence of Emmanuel Kant on testing (Anders),  Scaling Mobile Testing (Daniel Knott) or how to train young testers (Maja).

While we are very excited about all the talks – we are especially looking forward to the more language-related ones by Elizabeth Zagroba on how doubt builds trust and Ash Coleman on how language shapes culture – both focusing on how our use of everyday language has an influence on our and others behaviour.

All those talks should help you to see how multilayered testing is, how your everyday life can influence your testing and help you to become an even better tester or to see testing from a different angle!

The next day -after the second Meetup – you have the chance to talk about those testing (un-)related topics at our OpenSpace at MaibornWolff right above the Theresienwiese, where you also could see the already built up tents for the Octoberfest – starting one week after. ;)

This is what we have in store for you at TestBash Germany 2018. For more details of all the sessions and the ticket link, please head over to the event page at the Dojo.

The Super Early Bird tickets are limited and after the Blind Bird tickets sold out you should order your ticket now. Better safe than sorry…

Thanks and see you all in September,

Vera Gehlen-Baum & Marcel Gehlen

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