How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to TestBash UK 2023

Sarah Deery, our LearningBoss prepared a very useful video to help you put a great business case together to convince your boss to send you to TestBash UK 2023

Are you interested in attending and networking at TestBash UK but not sure how to convince your boss to fund it?
Well, you've come to the right place. This 3-minute video is filled with top tips that are useful for getting funding for any event or training.

TestBash UK is going to be our biggest and most unique TestBash to date. Despite its size, we're making sure there will still be the same warm,
friendly community feel that there always is.

It's going to be engaging and fun with a balance of talks, workshops and activities that cover all the important aspects of testing and working in
software development. Plus, there'll be lots of opportunities for you to meet with and learn alongside community members.

So how do you convince your boss that TestBash is a worthwhile expenditure? Well, it all starts with mounting a great business case. Writing a business case sounds quite daunting, but we'll break it down into three simple steps:

  1. Conference details and costs: First, you'll need to find out the conference details and any associated costs of attending the conference.
  2. Reasons for attending: This information is key for the business case and all the benefits from attending the conference should lead back to your company, your team and the work that you do.
  3. Share your learnings: Lastly, it's important to detail how you share your learnings back to your colleagues at work. This plays a big part
    in swaying your boss on making a positive decision about you attending the conference.

So with those three simple steps in mind, we've co-created a business case example email template containing all the information your boss would hope to see so that you can download it and edit it to suit your context. We hope you find this video and the email template useful and we hope to see you at TestBash UK 2023!

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Sarah Deery is a Learning And Development Specialist at Ministry of Testing. Her main aim is to help software testers turn their vast knowledge and skills into bite-sized chunks suitable for the community to digest. She used to do things in her spare time but now she has a toddler.