Posted: Mar 15, 2021

Recordings From UI Automation Week 2021 Now Available!

After hours of video editing, we can now announce that all the recordings from UI Automation Week 2021 are available at the Dojo!

That’s right, you can now watch back all the Webinars, 99-Minute Workshops and Experience Reports from the first themed week of 2021 on UI automation.

All recordings are available for Pro Members and ticket holders to watch with the exception of the Experience Reports - Java Edition session, which is available for everyone with a Ministry of Testing account.


If you didn’t have a chance to check all the challenges for this week, not a problem! You can still solve them and improve your skills on UI automation.

If you solve any of them, share your solutions in The Club and keep the conversation going.


Thank you once again to our amazing sponsors for supporting this themed week: Tonic, Provar, Kobiton and Qase!


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Diana Dromey

EventBoss at Ministry of Testing

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