TestBash UK 2022 is back again!

TestBash UK 2022 will be back again in a new online format: introducing ReTestBash UK 2022!

The dust has settled on TestBash UK 2022 and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for making it a conference we can all be proud of.

It’s great to see the community respond so well to the wide range of talks, workshops and activities that were held over the two days. But it posed a question… what next?

Enter ReTestBash…

Welcome to ReTestBash

ReTestBash is a great opportunity for everyone who attends:

  • If you were unable to attend TestBash UK 2022 in person, now’s your chance to experience what it was like being there and learn from some excellent speakers.
  • If you did attend, it’s a great way to come back to what you learnt and reflect upon it. Plus, reconnect with the people you met at the conference.

So how will it work? For one day we’ll replay a selection of TestBash UK 2022 talks and invite the speakers online for live Q&A sessions. This is an excellent chance to revisit our TestBash UK 2022 talks. And have the opportunity to ask those all-important questions we’ve been thinking about. We’ll also run an activity and our famous 99 Second Talks to give you the full TestBash UK experience.

ReTestBash is an online-only event on 1st December. It’s free to attend for all TestBash UK 2022 attendees and all Ministry of Testing Pro members.

Alternatively, you will be able to purchase a ticket to access the event.

Whether you’re new to TestBash UK or looking to reflect on what you learnt, join us for ReTestBash.

TestBash CoreSkills Cancelled

Sadly to make space for ReTestBash we’ve cancelled TestBash Core Skills. Sadly we didn’t receive enough submissions for TestBash Core Skills. This meant we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the type of high-quality online TestBash that the community deserves.

That said, we did get a small collection of great submissions. So Core Skills will return in January 2023 in a different format with some other exciting news. Those of you who kindly purchased a ticket will receive a full refund. Let us know what you were looking forward to about TestBash Core Skills and we’ll aim to incorporate that into the thing we do in January. We’d love to hear from you.

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