Rebooting the Ministry of Testing Scholarship

The Beginnings

If you’ve been part of the Ministry of Testing community for a number of years, it’s highly likely that you’ll have heard about The Ministry of Testing Scholarship. It was the brainchild of Rosie way back in 2013.

In 2014, to kickstart the idea, we went BIG and gave away a year’s scholarship. The prize was huge; the offer to attend all of MoT courses and events for free!

The scholarship was awarded to Emma Keaveny. You can read about ‘Emma’s Scholarship Story‘ on The Dojo. It’s a great read, and what’s even better than this story is where Emma is today. Her career has gone from strength to strength, and to know that MoT played a small part in that, well, that gives us the feels!

What Now?

But we’re now in 2017. What’s happened to The Scholarship?

Well, The Scholarship has continued on, quietly in the background, giving away a TestBash ticket here and course ticket there. It’s helped many fledgeling testers and MoT community members alike to improve their testing craft and community connections. We’ve just not been talking about it… until now.

We now realise that we should be talking about it! We should be raising awareness of The Scholarship so that the fund can support more testers than ever before. And so that The Scholarship itself can get more support from the MoT Community, so it can keep on, keepin’ on.

Scholarship Heroes

The MoT community is incredible; the generosity, inclusivity, and desire to support others are what makes projects like The Scholarship feasible. With that being said, it’s important to bring attention to all the wonderful people and companies who’ve contributed to The Scholarship fund.

So, we’d like to introduce you to the Scholarship Heroes. Everyone who contributes to The Scholarship is a hero to us. We want to personally thank each and every person and company for their big-heartedness and generosity.

These heroes have donated their fees for their MoT articles, workshops, and masterclasses to the fund. Others have straight-up donated their hard earned cash to The Scholarship. All have donated as a way of giving back to and supporting the testing community. Amazing. Thank you.

To add to their generosity, MoT matches all donations to The Scholarship Fund.


Due to the growth of MoT and the awesome people and companies working with us, the fund has seen substantial growth. So we’re now exploring new and exciting ideas to make maximum impact with the money received.

We’ll also be ensuring it’s inclusive and visible. With the growth of The Dojo, our reach can be wider than ever. With our online training courses, we’ll be able to support testers in places where we don’t currently run events or training. In the places we do, we will continue to support people in attending those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Applying For Support

Do you want to benefit from many of the events and resources we have?  We are always looking for new people to support, our aim is to make a difference to testers. We know that giving back to testers can literally change their lives and perspective on their careers.

We understand it’s not always easy to apply for these things.  We’re not judgemental. You can be new or old or not even in testing. You can have a job in testing, or not. We want to give something back to testers who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend or purchase what we have on offer. Just drop us an email at and let us know what event you would like to attend and why. If we like it, we’ll be in touch.


We’re busy working away to make it easier for you to donate to the scholarship whenever you get the generous tingle, that urge to give something back. Until then though, please email us at with details of your wish to support the Scholarship and we’ll work out the best way to make your donation.

Once again, we want to thank all those who have contributed to The Scholarship so far. You’re the reason this work has supported so many and will continue to do so. Cheers to the future of The Scholarship!