Posted: Feb 19, 2024

A Triple Treat from The Testing Planet

More Breaking News coming from The Testing Planet! 

The first three episodes of The Testing Planet - Season One have just been announced.

🤖 Ep.01: The Companion 🤖

A familiar friend (or foe?) turns up out of the blue to cause unforeseen problems. Management seeks answers while pressure builds to deliver the goods. The team catch a break.

During this episode, we will focus on the topic of Automation, our companion in testing, with all the new trends and take a deeper dive into all the benefits of automation.

🖥️ Ep.02: The Machine 🖥️

The team scrambles to find an AI to support them. Meanwhile, the industry faces a dilemma.

Yes, you guessed it right, during the second episode of The Testing Planet we will be diving into the interesting and challenging realms of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and large language modules (LLM).

How is The Machine supporting your testing?

🛠️ Ep.03: The Toolsmith 🛠️

A new tool threatens to test everything, while the team get closer to the release date. A tool-infused nightmare ensues for some.

This episode will be the perfect way to finish this hat-trick: what’s in your toolbox? What tools are you missing and which tools can’t you go without?


Are you ready to embark on this cosmic adventure to The Testing Planet?

Have a story to tell? Get involved with each episode via the open Call for Contributions.

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