✍️ Help Us Review Abstracts for TestBash Autumn Until the 14th of August

Abstract submissions for TestBash Autumn are now closed and for the next two weeks we need your help!

Abstract submissions for TestBash Autumn 2023 are now closed and we need your help reviewing those abstracts!

Why should you review them?

  • Have your say on the best lineup for TestBash Autumn 2023
  • Help those who have submitted abstracts understand if their abstracts are well written, need improving or are in demand
  • See what the community is talking about at the moment, what are the hot topics out there and what new experiences are available to you
  • Learn the art of writing good abstracts for conferences. Ready for your future TestBash talk!

Until the 14th of August, all abstracts submitted for TestBash Autumn Talks will be open for community review and we all need your insights and comments.

We ask you to be respectful and provide useful comments on the submitted abstracts. 

If you're not sure how to review abstracts, here's how:

  1. Check which event the abstract is for, so you understand the framing. E.g. It says TestBash Leadership, as you read have that framing in mind.
  2. Carefully read the entire abstract.
  3. Is the abstract anonymous? If the submitter has left some identifiable information in the proposal, please click ‘Abstract Not Anonymous’ so we can amend it and remove that potential bias. Please don’t click ‘Abstract Not Anonymous’ if you happen to know who it is (perhaps you’ve seen the talk before) only click it if it’s identifiable from the text in the abstract. If you know who it is, please just give it an honest review.
  4. Grade the abstract as either Green, Amber or Red. Green indicates you'd watch this talk. Amber indicates you are undecided and could go either way. Red indicates you are not interested in this talk.
  5. Add a comment. These comments are used by Team MoT and the speaker. If a green score, comment why you want to hear it. If amber, share why you are undecided, perhaps the abstract isn't clear enough. If red, share comments about how the speaker might improve their abstract. These comments are viewable by the speaker, so be polite and constructive.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to co-creating conferences with you 🙏🏼

Review Abstracts

Happy abstract reviewing! 😉

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