Call For Papers Review

TestBash is a community-driven conference, so it's only right that the community gets to contribute to each programme. We do this by opening up the abstracts for each TestBash to community review. The abstracts are anonymised and you give them a simple Green, Orange or Red score, and provide an optional comment.

We then use this data to help us create the final programmes for our TestBash events. The insight provided by the reviewers is invaluable to Ministry of Testing, we really appreciate the support.

Why help? You get insight into the topics people are submitting, which could inspire you to submit yourself or potentially write something. It could introduce you to some new testing ideas. Finally, it really helps the speakers, we offer feedback to all submitters so your insights help them improve their abstract.

Please sign in to review abstracts, if you don’t have a Ministry of Testing account you can create a free Club account