Are You Attending TestBash UK 2023? You Need to Read This

You never know what awesome stuff you might win by getting involved before and during TestBash UK 2023 😉

TestBash UK is now two months away and time is flying! The schedule is almost complete and preparations are now on full steam!

From August until the 20th of September 2023, we will launch a series of challenges and activities for you to complete before the conference starts and who knows what surprises you might get when you arrive in Liverpool?

So, if you are attending TestBash UK 2023 and want to get involved, keep an eye on The Club and our social media channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn and make sure we know your name when completing any task within the next two months! 

The first challenge starts now:

  • Share that you're attending TestBash UK 2023 and what are you most excited about on Twitter or on LinkedIn. And don't forget to use the hashtag #TestBash (Not #TestBashUK)

Challenge # 2:

  • Check out the Club Post below. Click on Start Discussion.


See you in September at TestBash UK 2023! 😁

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