Posted: Dec 16, 2022

TestBash UK and Spring Sponsorship is now open!

We're excited to let you know that we've launched TestBash Spring and TestBash UK sponsorship.  We've made more changes with the aim of making it easy for you as attendees to engage in a safe and meaningful way with the sponsors - meaning you can ask questions and maybe even interact with their product.  From a sponsor perspective, you'll have the opportunity to share how your product actually helps testers, to build actual connections with the Ministry of Testing community.

If you are thinking about becoming a sponsor, or think your company would be a good fit for the testing community, share the brochures, share our email: marketing@ministryoftesting.com or feel free to share the brochures publicly to let brands know that you want to see them as sponsors!   We're looking forward to working with more great brands. 

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