Posted: Feb 7, 2023

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Over the past few weeks, Andrew (DevBoss) and Richard (BossBoss) have been doing some stellar work in improving the reorganisation and look of our talks, articles, courses and other content. For podcasts, this means we can now adopt new features for storing and sharing our popular podcasts, namely Testers’ Island Discs and TestSphere Roulette. The biggest change that has come is how we organise podcasts by their series. This means that:

  1. Testers’ Island Discs and TestSphere Roulette now have dedicated podcast channels to subscribe to.
  2. The Ministry of Testing Podcast will be deactivated, and older podcasts will be stored on our site.

What do I need to do?

Testers’ Island Discs and TestSphere Roulette podcasts will no longer be published on the Ministry of Testing Podcast. This means you will need to search for either Testers’ Island Discs or TestSphere Roulette in your favourite podcast app and subscribe to the new channels.

Can’t find the podcast? Let us know at support@ministryoftesting.com, and we’ll get it added.

What about the other podcasts?

We have curated our other podcasts and added them to our site under the banner of ‘Chats’. Simply use the search feature to find your favourite Podcast.

Why get rid of the Ministry of Testing Podcast?

Historically we have used Soundcloud to store our podcasts, and whilst that is a great tool for storing music, it lacks features for podcasts. One of the biggest limitations is that although we create ‘playlists’ on Soundcloud to organise our podcasts everything we create lives under the banner of Ministry of Testing podcast. Regardless of what playlist it’s in. It made our Ministry of Testing Podcast channel a bit of a mess.

With our recent move to Wistia, we now have dedicated channels that community members can subscribe to and enjoy. It also makes publishing our podcasts easier, meaning we can get your favourite podcasts to you faster!

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