Become A 99 Minute Workshop Instructor
10th May 2021

Become A 99 Minute Workshop Instructor

Our 99 Minute workshops have been an enormous success since their launch last year, and we’re excited to announce that we are looking for new 99 Minute workshop instructors. We’re looking for passionate individuals who want to share their skills and knowledge with the testing community, and to help support this, we’re launching our ‘Become a 99 Minute workshop instructor’ training cohort.

The cohort, which is free to attend, is a four-week training event in which we will teach you everything you need to know to identify and plan a successful workshop. Once the cohort is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your workshop to be run as part of our 99 Minute workshop events.

Why run a 99 Minute workshop?

Running a 99 Minute workshop is a hugely rewarding activity in many ways. Not only is it satisfying watching others learn, but it’s also an excellent opportunity for you to reflect on your ideas and how to communicate them effectively. For those new to teaching, the support from the cohort and the short, focused format means it’s a great way to get started. And for those with more experience, we’ll be sharing everything we know about teaching theory and running workshops online, giving you tools to grow as a teacher online. We’ll also financially reward you for your time, paying you for each successful 99 Minute workshop you run.

How will the 99 Minute workshop cohort work?

During ‘Become a 99 Minute Workshop Instructor’, we’ll meet for four sessions to identify and create 99 Minute workshops. The cohort format will have you working together to support each other as we learn about:

  • The 99 Minute workshop format and how to select a workshop topic
  • How to use learning outcomes to structure a workshop
  • Planning out a workshop to enable learners to complete learning outcomes
  • Submitting and marketing workshops

So if you want the opportunity to teach others about topics in testing you’re passionate about, join us on May 26th to Become a 99 Minute Workshop Instructor.