Continuous Call For Papers
23rd November 2016

TestBash in all the places. This is what’s materialising at the moment. We’ve been approached from over 15 locations, from passionate individuals looking to have a TestBash in their town. We’ve actioned some of these already, with the latest Belfast on the way, and a new destination in Europe to be announced soon. Plus we’re in discussions with ALL the aforementioned individuals to see what is feasible… there are only so many hours in the day after all.

With so many TestBash events, we’ve come to realise that we almost always have a Call For Papers (CFP) open. Essentially putting us in a continuous call for papers. So we thought why not just have a Continuous Call for Papers (CCFP)?!

Submitting to a conference is time-consuming. It takes time to create and mould a good abstract. It takes time and awareness to notice and respond to all the CFPs of all the conferences out there. Sometimes people just forget, and now they’re not in the running. Sometimes your abstract will be rejected for one TestBash for a whole host of reasons, but this may mean you don’t submit to the next CFP for a TestBash, which your abstract may have been a perfect fit for.

We receive a large number of abstracts each time we do a CFP, we pick the best. The best being what fits with what the community is talking about at the time and what we believe to be interesting topics and talks. It doesn’t mean the rest weren’t brilliant abstracts. We’re tired of losing those abstracts. Those abstracts remain in a spreadsheet never to see the light of day again. Unless of course that speaker submits it again for a future TestBash, but this is rarely the case. This is waste in our opinion, and something we believe will be reduced with a CCFP. So that’s what we’re introducing.

MoT and our TestBash events are going to move to a continuous call for papers, this is big news, a game changer I feel and I’m sure other events will follow.

So how does it work? For now, it’s rather primitive. You complete this form, just like you would for previous TestBash events. However, we will then consider your abstract for all the locations you have selected for the foreseeable future. The Ministry of Testing developers are busy beavering away on a solution to manage the whole CCFP which will be incorporated into The Dojo. More details on this when it gets closer to release.

You can do this whenever you wish and as a result not pressured to get something in before the deadline. When inspiration hits, you can submit to TestBash! Knowing that your abstract will be considered forever more.

When designing the next programme for a TestBash, if we feel your abstract will be a good fit, we will get in touch to see if this talk is still something you’re interested in presenting. Or perhaps you have something new based on the original. Maybe you’ve done it at other events already and you would like to suggest something new on the same message. We can talk about all these options. Or perhaps you just cannot make that date/location anymore.

So if you are still reading this, you’re doing it wrong! Go submit all your abstracts to all the locations to increase your chances of talking at TestBash events!

Boring stuff….

  • The current system doesn’t support edits, so if you want to update an abstract you know we have, please re-submit with the title followed by vX.X. E.g. Why Testing Isn’t Dead v2.0.
  • We will still inform people when we are looking to build a programme for a TestBash, so you can get your abstracts in if you haven’t already.