TinyTestBash Is Coming To Belfast
23rd November 2016

Update: The program and tickets for TestBash Belfast are now available!

Yes, TestBash really is coming to Belfast. We still can’t believe it ourselves. The community asked and Ministry of Testing responded. Belfast can sometimes be forgotten about and there really is an amazing community here. Myself (@heather_reiduff), Hugh McCamphill (@hughleo01) and Neill Boyd (@BelfastTester) have been active members of the Belfast testing community for quite a while now. We have seen how it has grown and strengthened over time. We wanted to bring something to Belfast to showcase that and we think this is it.

What makes this Tiny? Brighton is usually in the 300-350 range for attendees, Manchester was 250, TinyTestBash Brighton was around 80 attendees. We’re aiming for 100-120, maybe next time we’ll have a bigger shindig.

So, where will it be held? I hear you ask. The Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast has a beautiful space that we thought would be perfect.  This will all kick off on Thursday 18th May 2017.  Start asking your manager now, booking time off and maybe even planning a talk.

We weren’t content with a TinyTestBash though. Aim big. There will be additional training on Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th May, also in The Crescent Arts Centre.

We are delighted to be charged with making this an event to show just how awesome the testing community here is. We hope that you feel like you can share this event with us and learn with us.

Want to speak?

Do you have a testing story to tell? Are you working on something that has been interesting to get to the end point? Are you still working on it? What keeps you working on it?  These are the things we love to hear about – not a specific theme, but your story as you experienced it. We think it helps us to understand your experiences better.

Maybe this is your first conference talk and you’re nervous. We can work through your proposal with you. Or you could do a 99 second talk to help us close off the day.

This is all about encouraging the local community. It would be great if some of you wanted to speak too. If you’re not sure, talk to one of us!

TestBash events have now moved to a Continuous Call for Papers. We are specifically looking for 30-minute talks for TestBash Belfast. We will stop considering abstracts for TestBash Belfast 2017 from the 1st of January 2017, so get them submitted before then!


Ministry of Testing is all about the community. It is because of the community that TestBash is coming to Belfast. We listen to you, so tell us if there is anything you want to see at this event.

We plan to have lean coffee. We plan to have swag. There will most definitely be social events. We have so many ideas and there is always room for more. Let’s make Belfast stand out. Let’s show the wider testing community what we’re made of!