Posted: Nov 18, 2020

HolidayBash: The Schedule is Live!

The HolidayBash Schedule and Tracks Are Live!

Our first-ever HolidayBash is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning your custom experience around all of the options we have available.

We’ve got 7 tracks announced so far covering as many interests from the community as we can over the full 8 hours. We want to make sure that you’re all partying in style! Just look at this packed schedule, there’ll definitely be something for you. 

If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Tickets are £50 per person but if you’ve got a team of 20 or more, you’ll get a bulk discount, email us at - to find out more.

Still need some convincing? Then check out the excellent tracks we have planned!

Mindfulness Track

We have an entire track dedicated to mindfulness activities during the party. The activities will be a mix of facilitated, by Sarah K and Gem, and drop-in where you can drop in at any time and pick up the activity that’s happening with other attendees. Colour in together, journal, share your self-care and holiday mindfulness tips. All super important prep for the season ahead.

The Lounge

There will be lounge spaces running for the entire party where you can chat with people over your favourite festive beverage. Think of it like the bar or reception area for your in-person holiday party. When you arrive, hang up your coat and have a mingle with everyone who has already joined the party, the Lounge is the perfect place to go for this.

Mabl Track

Leah and Bertold have a full 8 hours of fun planned for their track. You’ll need to get your game face on to compete against them and the community in games like Fibbage, Drawful and more. Of course, there will be prizes and the all-important bragging rights for the winners.

Gaming Track

The testing community is filled with gaming enthusiasts! So we decided you needed your own dedicated track πŸ˜ƒ  Andrew will be first up hosting “An Odyssey” live stream, you don’t need to let Andrew know in advance that you’re joining. Jump into the session and he’ll share the stream link with you to join in. Next up is Mark with “Among Us”. If you want to grab a spot on this live stream, you’ll need to drop your name on The Club in advance so Mark knows who will be joining in.

Creativity Track

Creativity takes many forms! Áine will kick things off with a crochet class. You can participate on or off-screen so don’t worry if you’re camera shy.

If you’d like to learn the basics of drawing a portrait, Diana has got you covered in her session. You can join in with or without video. You’ll need to have a few supplies to hand in advance so check out The Club for those.

There’ll be two opportunities to share your festive recipes during this track too. Seeing what you all share on the food channel on Slack, we can’t wait to see what’s shared here from all over the world. Remember, if you try any of the recipes you’ll have to share pictures of your creations on Slack!

Scavenger Hunt

To keep everyone physically active and staying curious (or possibly confused) during HolidayBash, we’ve a scavenger hunt happening throughout the party with prizes at the end.

If you want to participate in the scavenger hunt, keep an eye on the event chat. Heather will post each item you have to find or create, along with a time limit to submit a picture of it on The Club.

Competition Track

Would it be the holiday season without a healthy bit of competition? We’ll have 99-Second Lockdown Limbo with Vernon, The Crystal Maze with Gwen, Markus, Ash and Stephen, a Gingerbread House competition and a quiz.

Yes, there will be prizes! You can join these competitions as a participant or a spectator. If you’d like to participate in The Crystal Maze or the Gingerbread House competition, you’ll need to add your names to The Club threads in advance.

More Tracks?

If you’d like to host a track, check out our sponsorship options. They’re a brilliant way to get your whole team involved and host your very own HolidayBash track!


Do you have credit with Ministry of Testing and would like to use it to purchase tickets to HolidayBash? Get in touch with us on with your previous booking details.

See you at HolidayBash!

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