Posted: Sep 5, 2018

August 2018 RoundUp of All Things MoT

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August has been a month of preparation for our next round of TestBashes! They've come around quick, we can't wait to get to them!  As always, we've plenty of content to share. - don't forget you can contribute to Ministry of Testing by becoming a writer.

The Club

A few selected discussions from The Club that we thought you might find interesting.

The Club Ninja

Each month we select one of our Club users to be our Ninja of the Month.  Our Club Ninja this month is Joe DeMeyer!


The Dojo

On The Dojo we have some excellent software testing talks from our friends at PMT Conf 2018, an excellent course on an Introduction to HTTP for testers, and lots of great pods and resources, enjoy:

An fantastic new course on an Introduction to HTTP by Mark Winteringham:

Introduction to the course

What is HTTP?

What is a Web Service?


HTTP Methods

Status Codes

Response Bodies

Sending Payloads

HTTP Headers

Authorisation and Authentication

Updating and Deleting

A few Testers’ Island Discs podcasts with Neil Studd:

Ep20 - Mark Winteringham - On an epically hot day, Neil and Mark talk about building pathways for learning, optimising delivery for classroom and online training, supporting worldwide franchises, and how to get testing talked about more within universities.

Ep21 - Matthew Bretten - Matt shares examples of how testers can break into creating valuable tooling, finding developer allies, and there's some meta-discussion about preparing and running technical workshops.

Ep22 - Michele Playfair - In an episode themed around trust, communication and collaboration, we talk about how testing overlaps with programming, teaching and marketing; how introverts can get outside their comfort zone; and whether Michele is secretly trying to start a war.

A 99-second talk on Sharing Knowledge with Junior Testers from Sunjeet Khokhar.  Sunjeet is on a roll with another 99-second talk! This time, we hear how Sunjeet coaches and mentors Junior Testers.

In collaboration with the Super testing Bros, another monthly edition of our Ministry of Testing podcast “Owning and Improving Office Culture” with Michele Playfair and Pete Bartlett.  The Super Testing Bros talk to Michele and Pete about owning and improving office culture in the August edition of our monthly MoT podcast.

All the talks from PTM Conf 2018!

Redefining Test Automation - Richard Bradshaw.  Test Automation, a term everyone in testing probably hears on a regular basis, but what is it? If we listen to consultancies and tool vendors, it’s the holy grail. If we listen to some gurus in the testing space it’s the current and future of testing.

Security in the Wild: Being at the Top of the Food Chain - Renato Rodrigues.  In a modern software house, security is a top priority. It is a fast-paced working environment focused on continuous delivery and integration. Keeping up is an endless and demanding challenge for the security team. Issues arise and must be addressed efficiently and in an expedited manner.

How to Scale Mobile Testing Across Several Teams - Daniel Knott. All started in 2010 when XING, the largest business network in German-speaking countries, decided to go mobile and to staff a team with 2 iOS and Android developers, 2 software testers, 1 product manager and a freelance mobile designer.

Augmented Reality as tool for QA in Industry 4.0 - Pedro Pereira. In this talk, Pedro takes us on a journey through the world of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). He shares multiple examples of how this technology is being used right now, explores potential future applications and shares his views on how this technology is going to revolutionise the industry.

Test-Driven Developers: Building a Testing Culture - Pedro Tavares.  Software engineering is much more than coding. It is “an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production”. 

My Product: My Friend , My Teacher, My Guide - Anastasia Chicu.  In agile teams, we focus on delivering value to our customers continuously and incrementally. In order to do that, testers need to be able to decide on priorities based on risk and impact. 

The QA Extension: How You Can Be Unique! - Marta Torneiro.  We’re currently going through lots of changes when it comes to development methodologies, and moving towards a DevOps world, it seems that QAs are becoming extinct and no longer have a place in development teams unless they’re focused on automation.

September Events

Testing Ask Me Anything - How to Recruit a Tester - Amy Newton - 11th September 8pm UK Time

This time we're talking about How to Recruit a Tester, perfect if you're searching for new team member, or if you're searching for a job.  Register now and get your questions in.  Some potential questions you can ask Amy once you're registered:

  • How much should I pay a graduate?
  • How can I tell if someone will be a culture fit?
  • How can I make sure I am hiring fairly considering all aspects of diversity and inclusion?


Future Events

Just a quick sneak peek at what events are coming up in the next few months

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