✨ Seven Speakers and Six Hosts Confirmed for TestBash World 2022 ✨

We've recently confirmed seven more speakers and six hosts for TestBash World's lineup!

TestBash World 2022 is four weeks away and the lineup is getting better and better! 🤩

In the past couple of weeks, we've confirmed seven more speakers and six hosts to be included in this already fantastic lineup.

We'll very soon confirm the final completed lineup and schedule, so for now, let me introduce you to these last seven confirmed speakers:

✨ Hosts

  • Gwen Diagram, originally from Australia and now living in the UK, Gwen is a strong believer in making the tech industry as open and punk as possible. 
  • Vernon Richards aka Tester from Leic (for Leicester, UK) believes the most effective way to serve this industry, is to help teams and individuals gain new perspectives about themselves and their teammates.
  • Jenna Charlton, from Cleveland, Ohio, loves to go to punk rock shows and live pro wrestling events with their husband, travelling and cats.
  • Bart Knaack, from the beautiful Netherlands and known for his extraordinaire dancing skills at our TestBashes, Bart is also a frequent speaker and test coach.
  • James Espie is from stunning New Zealand, loves to draw his day-to-day observations and is also a speaker, coach, mentor and a bunch of other things.
  • Tristan Lombard, aka Ministry of Mischief, lives in Kansas City, Missouri, is a recovering social worker that fell into test automation and community building, and he loves Richard Bradshaw.

✨ Speakers

  • Mahathee Dandibhotla lives in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Mahathee is a loving and fun person, who loves to bake, read motivational books and spend time with the family.
  • Anindita Rath from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India is always excited and happy to explore and learn new things, which is why she's a tester. 
  • Alex Omeyer joins us from London, UK and loves geeking out about how high-performance teams build software and tweeting about it.
  • Rahul Parwal is from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and is a great company to be with who will ensure that every conversation turns out to be as stimulating as a cup of hot coffee.
  • Ajay Balamurugadas lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Ajay's friends often associate these words with him: Change Agent, Idea Man and Motivational. 
  • Aaron Flynn is from the south of the United Kingdom, in Plymouth. Aaron is a quality advocate and is passionate about communities of practice and collaboration.
  • Kiruthika Ganesan lives in the UK and apart from being an advocate of Women in Tech initiatives, Kika also loves to spend time with her children and writing short stories.


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