Goodbye Summer Giveaway!
21st August 2017

As the weather is fading and we’re getting ready for the onset of Autumn, we thought we’d help ease the transition with a wee competition!  We have lots of prizes to give away

It’s easy to participate.  Just go to our giveaway page* and enter your email address (and then share to have a greater chance of winning).  We’re all about sharing at The Ministry of Testing.

What could you win?

We have things, many fun MoT swag things from our online store to giveaway.  We will pick 25 winners at the end with prizes varying from backpacks, t-shirts, mugs, TestSphere, beanies, hats and stickers.

And don’t forget, the more you share this the higher chance you have of winning.  Because at Ministry of Testing, we share because we care! 

Enter the giveaway*. *entries now closed.