HolidayBash: A New Event Joins the Family
23rd September 2020

If you're like me, you've sat in lockdown longing for safe social interaction. You've missed your friends from further afield. You've missed those connections and friendships that you make in the hallway tracks at conferences. You attended TestBash Home and had this elated feeling and then there was this void while you waited for the next TestBash to match those feelings.

In a meeting with Richard and Diana recently we wondered what could fill the void once TestBash New Zealand finishes. I suggested a big party, almost flippantly. We've never had a holiday party as a team, it’s just not something we ever considered when we could meet in person at TestBashes.

I started to talk about something else and Richard shouted: “STOP! That’s brilliant! We have to do that”. We discussed the idea some more and the plan was in motion, so in keeping with a motto I like to use to "Go big or go home", we're going big at home! We're having our first-ever holiday party, HolidayBash, and you're all invited!

What's the plan?

On 4th December, we'll kick things off at 5 pm UK time and run through to 1 am to give our friends in other timezones a chance to join in.

We've designed HolidayBash to be as interactive or passive as you want it to be. If forming a team to take on a challenge sounds like your thing, there will be a place for that. Prefer moving from room to room mingling? Not a problem, you can do that. Of course, if you'd prefer to meditate with others or watch the challenges happen, you can do that too. We're bringing the options and you can customise your experience around them.

We're going to run a multi-track party so you can choose the holiday track that interests you the most. There'll be:

  • Cocktail (and mocktail) making
  • Baking competitions
  • Hangout spaces
  • Quizzes and challenges
  • Mindfulness activities
  • And much more.

In true Ministry of Testing style, it’s going to be a huge gathering of friends chatting and catching up together. So, will you join us for our first-ever holiday party?

Tickets are £50 per person but if you’ve got a team of 20 or more, you’ll get a bulk discount, email us to find out more.

Grab your ticket now.


Do you have credit with Ministry of Testing and would like to use it to purchase tickets to HolidayBash? Get in touch with us on with your previous booking details.


There will be a limited number of sponsor spaces available so if you’re interested in supporting this new format, email us on

- Heather
CommunityBoss @ Ministry of Testing