Introducing MoT Community Certification (MoT-CC)

Applying community principles to learning and software testing certification.

We recently shared our FAST approach to software testing conferences and how we recognised that events require many different contributors to make a great event.

We can take those same principles to learning and communities. It takes many people to create a great, varied and accessible learning experience. We also need to accept that in today’s world there is value in catering for different preferences in how software testers need to learn. 

It’s not a surprise that my personal favourite way to learn is through conversations and community. Almost everything that I’ve picked up has been from conversing, processing and supporting other people.

Over the years Ministry of Testing has given a big focus on talks, workshops and articles as a form of learning and credibility. We’re also currently stepping up with our education efforts with the Test Automation Courses and Certifications. These are valid and a necessary part of a comprehensive learning equation.

Now it’s time to level it up by giving value and appreciation to those that contribute in the community. And in this specific scenario it is by awarding people who contribute and support others in The Club with an MoT Community Certification.

What is MoT Community Certification?

There are MoT Members who dedicate their time to supporting others through forum discussions. Positively supporting people in community conversations is a valid way to demonstrate expertise. These contributions also have the potential to impact many thousands of people.

We will reward people who contribute consistently and positively with a MoT Community Certification. We will have different flavours of Community Certifications too. We will first start with a Community Certification in Test Automation (MoT-CCTA) as this aligns with our new Test Automation certifications and activities within it. (MoT-CTA)

We will then expand onto other themed MoT Community Certifications. A MoT Foundation Certificate in Software Testing (MoT-FCST) will open up the opportunity for a Community Certification in Software Testing (MoT-CCST).

How much do we need to contribute to become community qualified?

We’re taking a qualitative approach. It’s not about the number of contributions, it’s more about how well you support the community. This could be through starting discussions on what you know, or what you’ve seen. It could also be by responding to people who need help. Being a ray of sunshine and positivity also counts. Kindly tapping those like buttons can really make a difference to the community too.

Every software testing Community Certification will be reviewed by our team at Ministry of Testing. There’s no hacking the system!

We will award you a badge on The Club when you pass our internal process, this will then be followed by a Community Certification that would look amazing on your CV!

Do you have any questions? We’re open to talking about it and improving our processes, over on The Club, of course!