Lineup Confirmed for TestBash UK!
Diana Dromey
9th May 2022

I'm not going to lie, I have a special love for TestBash UK as it will be hosted in Manchester, my home, and I can't hide the excitement I have for launching this amazing lineup 😁 😁 😁

Throughout this year, we have asked the community to submit abstracts for TestBash UK in a new format of contribution. Another first for our TestBashes is to have a conference where some of the speakers will not only give a Talk but will also host a 99-Minute Workshop, design an Activity and create a Challenge. All happening throughout two days where learning, getting hands-on, networking, engagement and community connections are at the heart of this TestBash.

We have now released the list of all the Talks and 99-Minute Workshops and very soon we'll see the activities being added as well as some of the 99-Minute Workshops being updated with more details.

Oh, and just between us, we have a lot of surprises in the making happening on both days 🤫

TestBash UK is set to be the largest in-person conference this year and tickets are already selling fast! Here's a sneak peek of this star-studded lineup:

So dig in, read what is going to happen at TestBash UK and...

...get your ticket now!