London Tester Gathering Workshops 2019 Tickets Now On Sale!
12th February 2019

London Tester Gathering Workshops Line-up is Live

The Ministry of Testing and Tony Bruce are excited to announce that the London Tester Gathering Workshops programme is live!  It’s a perfect opportunity for all you software testers to polish up some existing skills or learn some new ones. 

We'll be bringing together a line-up of past and new workshop facilitators for a one of a kind event.

The line-up has been crafted to offer a wide range of new and important topics to cover all learning needs.

We took your feedback on board from 2018 and this year, we are trying something new - you are able to purchase tickets to individual workshops.  This means you can buy a full day workshop, or attend a single half-day workshop, or maybe buy tickets for all three days!  It’s entirely flexible so you can pick and choose.  

Remember, places are limited, so get in quick!

What's Happening?

Full Day Workshops - Wednesday 26th June

We have 3 full day workshops to choose from on Wednesday:

  • Exploring Systems Quality in an Ever-changing Distributed World - Abby Bangser & Jon Barber
  • Automate Scenarios with SpecFlow - Gáspár Nagy
  • Work and Play - James Lyndsay

Half Day Workshops - Thursday 27th June

We have 6 half day workshops to choose from on Thursday, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

  • EventStorming; Deliberate, Collaborative Learning Between Multiple Disciplines - João Rosa & Kenny Baas-Schwegler
  • Write Better BDD Scenarios - Gáspár Nagy
  • Build and Test Your Own Blockchain Application - Rhian Lewis


  • Testability Workshop - Rob Meaney
  • Introduction to Deep Learning: Hands-On - Bill Matthews
  • Sharpen Your Tests by Learning from Them - Sharath Byregowda

Half Day Workshops - Friday 28th June

We have 6 half day workshops to choose from on Friday, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

  • DevTools for Testers - Viv Richards
  • iOS Automation Using XCUITest with Swift - Swarnim Kumari
  • Liberating Structures - Sharon Dale


  • Connecting the Dots - Empowering People Through Play - Nicola Sedgwick & Christina Ohanian
  • Web Security Workshop - Hands On and Brain On Experiential Based Learning - Santhosh Tuppad
  • API Testing With Codeception in PHP - Swarnim Kumari

The Super Early Bird price is limited (and a bargain!), so check out the line-up and register for your super early bird tickets fast!

But if you want a real bargain, go Pro on The Dojo (as an individual or a team) and you’ll qualify for an extra £50 off each ticket (plus access to some amazing learning resources).


If you want to support us for this amazing event, we will be looking for sponsors. For more details on the sponsorship options please email