Marie Cruz Joins the TestBash UK 2023 Lineup

Find out more info about Marie Cruz joining the TestBash UK 2023 lineup

It's with regret that Varuna Srivastava is no longer in a position to speak at TestBash UK 2023. We wish you all the best, Varuna, and we'll see you at another TestBash.

The brilliant Marie Cruz joins the TestBash UK 2023 lineup. Marie will run a talk, workshop, activity and Ask Me Anything, covering a similar topic to Varuna's – performance testing. Marie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to TestBash. 

Check out all the details on the updated schedule. Or better still, download the official TestBash UK 2023 app and plan your schedule right inside the app. Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store.

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We'll see you later this month. Can't wait! 

— Diana, EventBoss






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