Masterclass: How to Identify Risk in a Large Code Base with Noah Sussman
10th May 2016

Once or twice a month, courtesy of The Dojo, we host an online Masterclass.  These are usually one hour long and driven by the energy of the Ministry of Testing community.  These Masterclasses are free to attend live and recordings are made available to all Pro Members of The Dojo.

Our next Masterclass with Noah Sussman on Wednesday 18th of May

Identifying risk in software and code is a relatively young science. In 25 years, we’ve moved from using naïve metrics (like bugs-per-line-of-code) to using nuanced models like those applied by automated testing practitioners at Etsy, Google, Facebook and other successful continuous delivery organizations. In these organizations, many people are responsible for understanding and identifying risk in the code base, which is often large and ever changing in these large applications.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • your role as a tester in becoming aware of the code base you are working with
  • look at the source code through the lens of a software architect
  • examine sources of risk in software so they become more clear
  • identify major sources of risk and communicate, with evidence from the code, how and where quality goals are being pursued