New 2-Day Training Course “Exploring Non-Functional Testing” with Jenna Charlton
21st April 2021

Exploring Non-Functional Testing with Jenna Charlton

Next month, Jenna Charlton will be giving a 2-Day Training course “Exploring Non-Functional Testing”. You will learn how you can increase quality by focusing on and exploring various non-functional characteristics.

Discover more about what it means to test and measure user experience and why that’s important. You’ll be able to describe the purpose and benefits of a maintainable code base and learn how to visually identify code that is poorly structured.  Jenna will help you gain a deeper understanding of non-functional testing with the topics covered.

Tickets start at £400 for the course for two full days of training!  Make the most of the Super Early Bird price and grab your ticket now.

We might not be able to meet up in person but that doesn’t stop us from bringing you excellent training opportunities from the comfort of your own home/office!