Our New Logged In Homepage
18th July 2019


New Latest Page. When you log in with your Ministry of Testing (MoT) account you’ll now see this page.


Previously you saw the Dojo Catalog page which lists all the latest content added to The Dojo, along with all other series that are available, which is great, but it’s very specific to The Dojo. What this page doesn’t show you is everything else MoT does, which is a lot! We wanted to change that and provide a page that shows the latest from all that we do.


This is version 0.1, we went with panels that we thought the community would benefit from, as well as panels that were already coded and used in other areas of the platform. This is because we wanted to get something live ASAP and start collecting feedback on how it’s being used.

We’ve added tracking so we can see which panels are getting utilised, and, of course, you can let us know your thoughts at any time. The best way to do this is via Support > Contact Us when you are logged in. We hope with your feedback and analytics we can keep making regular improvements to this page. We’ve already started having thoughts on the panel order, personalisation, new panels, removing some panels, improving the design and much more. I’m confident that the list will grow even more with your feedback.


Features don’t just magically appear, so if you’re interested in how this one came around read on.

A few weeks ago I (Richard) was catching up with the team messages on Slack, we are nine full-time people now. I saw conversations about an event that had gone live, an article, some active club posts, the next Testing AMA and a whole load more. It became apparent to me at that moment that I can no longer keep up with all that is going on. A fantastic problem to have as BossBoss, it means the team is producing so many learning opportunities for and with the community.

But what if I wanted to see everything that is going on? To do that I would have to visit many pages. I’d have to check out the latest events, read some blogs, explore The Club, check MoT News, look at the latest Dojo content, read the latest jobs and a whole host more. Doable, but that’s a lot of tabs!

I thought about it some more and decided I wanted a page to collate all the above, one page to get a quick update on all things Ministry of Testing. So, I specced it out. In doing so, I thought if I’m struggling to keep up to date and I run the company, how is the community keeping up to date?

This problem wasn’t new to us, I started to recall many conversations we’d had in the past and I remembered recording some thoughts in a Trello card. You all know the kind of card, the ones where you capture all your epic ideas with the hope you’ll revisit them all one day! But you never do! But there it was, this idea of an “MoT Hub”. A page collating all that is going on in the MoT world with high-level ideas around personalisation.

I decided it was time to act, I combined my recent ideas with those in the Trello card and queued up the tickets for discussion with the team. We explored the ideas, added a few new panels and also decided to add the ‘Discover More’ links to the footer of each panel. To raise even more awareness of things related to the latest items.

Now it’s built and live! As mentioned above though, this is version 0.1, now the real work begins in exploring it’s usage and delivering regular valuable features to this page. However, it’s already provided me with value, while I was testing this; I registered for the next AMA, I read two blogs, an article and looked into a company to see what they did!