Revisit the TestBash Home Treasure Trove of Knowledge
20th July 2021

Buzzing from the absolute learn-fest you wriggle at your desk (home, office, or elsewhere) and wonder, "where do I start?" The adrenaline rush of discovering many new things to apply at your workplace is quite something. Yet such a rush hits a brick wall as you come back down to the reality of business-as-usual: Testing activities to do, bug reports to file, and products to deliver.

TestBash Home was over a month ago. How time flies.

Fortunately, every single video from TestBash Home is ready and waiting for you to watch at your own pace – if you attended with a ticket or have a Pro subscription. It's a great way to avoid overwhelming yourself as you apply learnings to your day-to-day and is particularly useful when influencing others when change is required. Small steps all the way! 

This community is awesome and all seventeen videos yet again demonstrate how much we can all learn from each other.

– Simon, CommunityBoss