Tattoos Ink an Unlimited Access Contract
28th May 2021

You may have heard the rumours, and they are indeed very true! Anyone who has a Ministry of Testing tattoo has unlimited access to all TestBash events, including the sophomore TestBash Home in June. 

Talk about serious commitment to this amazing community, right?!

So let's celebrate those incredible people.

Hilary Weaver-Robb

Hilary loves MoT so much, she organises a local meetup, Motor City Software Testers, and led the plan to bring TestBash to Detroit in 2020.

Photo of an arm with a Ministry of Testing logo tattoo


Huib Schoots

Huib has helped us to deliver TestBash Netherlands an outstanding 4 times!

Photo of a man with a Ministry of Testing logo tattoo on his left arm


Ash Coleman

Ash rocks our logo over in the US and helped us to deliver two fabulous TestBashes in San Francisco not to mention speaking at four TestBashes!

A photo of a woman's leg with a tattoo of cards that includes the Ministry of Testing logo


David Williams

David is a mentor for Software Testing Essentials, sharing the love of community with those new to the field. David also spoke at our first-ever mental health track at TestBash.

A photo of an arm with a Ministry of Testing logo tattoo


Emma Keaveny

Emma was the first to start the trend, it started out as a dare with FounderBoss, Rosie. Emma organises a local MoT meetup and mentors those new to testing via Software Testing Essentials to share the community love. Emma also hosted the first-ever conference we had dedicated to those new to the testing field, TestBash Essentials.

A photo of an arm with a rainbow coloured Ministry of Testing logo tattoo


Maik Nogens

Maik is a regular TestBash attendee and flys the MoT flag over in Hamburg, Germany for us!

A photo of an arm with a Ministry of Testing logo tattoo as part of a castle image


Guna Petrova

Guna flies the flag for us in Munich and has volunteered at many TestBashes sharing the enthusiasm and welcome you've all come to love at these events. Guna spoke at some of our very first TestBashes and makes sure to take to the stage when it's time for 99-Second talks too!

A photo of a Ministry of Testing logo tattoo


Antonella Scaravilli

The last tattoo person to join the crew was Antonella who not only organised a meetup locally but is also a member of our Slack moderation team, ensuring it remains a wonderful place to interact with the community.

A photo of a smiling woman with her arm raised. The arm has a Ministry of Testing logo tattoo on it.


Melissa Eaden

Of course, who could forget former EditorBoss and fellow MoT US advocate Melissa. Melissa has spoken and volunteered at TestBashes as well as contributing a wealth of knowledge to our article series.

[image coming soon]


How cool are they!

And how about you, would you take the plunge and join this incredible group of inked aficionados*? It would spell unlimited access to all TestBashes for the rest of eternity. 😃


– Simon Tomes, CommunityBoss @ Ministry of Testing

*Please do let us know. Terms & Conditions apply.