TestBash Brighton 2018. Here We Come!
26th June 2017

It never ceases to surprise me at how quickly the planning for future TestBashes comes around.  It is that time again.

We have dates set for TestBash Brighton in 2018 – March 15th and 16th of 2018.  Whether you plan to speak or attend, we ask you to book those dates in your calendar!

TestBash Brighton – The Seedling of Where We Are Now

TestBash Brighton is a bit special because it is much like the original and leader of all the TestBashes.  Our first ever trial TestBash was in Cambridge, though it logically moved to Brighton as I moved back there myself.  You can see my business decisions aren’t necessarily full of logic, but they still seem to work!

Over the years TestBash Brighton has evolved. We’ve tried things out. Some we didn’t stick with, but some we love and have become a tradition – the 99-second talks, the lean coffee/tea/bacon, the pre-meetups, the crazy early morning runs.

For several years TestBash Brighton had time to evolve.  There was never any rush to make it into something massive, we wanted to focus on doing good things rather than growth for the sake of growth.  And there were definitely no initial plans to create a worldwide series of conferences.  The love for TestBash and Brighton grew over the years.  Each year we sought to make it into something better. Testers could feel the positivity. The genuine care we had for creating something special and valuable for testers. The respect we gave both attendees and speakers. The focus on creating long lasting value…and friendships.  The idea of giving people opportunities, to attend or even to speak.

TestBash Brighton – the organisers, the speakers and the attendees have all helped it pave the way for all the other TestBashes that now exist.  For that, I thank you all!

Come and Participate in TestBash 2018

My role at Ministry of Testing is changing, but TestBash Brighton is still my baby and I’m proud and excited to have it coming back in 2018.

So, right now we will be trawling our database of CFP submissions for speakers.  We are looking for interesting and exciting topics. We are looking for talks and 1/2 day workshops.  We will also host some training days earlier on in the week.

Our Continuous Call for Papers means you can submit a talk, workshop or idea at any time.  If you want to speak at Brighton you need to make sure you submit something by midnight of Sunday, August 13th.

We Say No To Pay To Speak

From the start, we have believed that no one should feel unable to speak at a conference. We have always covered all speakers expenses, no questions asked.

We do go further than that though. We can help and guide accepted speakers through the nerve-racking process of presenting.  And if there are any other challenges you may have, just mention it and we will see what we can do to help you.

For clarity, we:

  • pay all reasonable travel costs for all speakers, even if you travel from far away lands.
  • you get free entry to both workshop and conference day
  • workshop presentations also get a £500 fee.

Submit your talk here.