Posted: Jan 4, 2018

TestBash Brighton: Exposing The UnExpo

TestBash Brighton: Exposing The UnExpo

We've all heard of expos and unconferences, well at TestBash Brighton we’ll be running the first ever UnExpo!

“Still not following you”

I hear you say (in my mind) … let me explain, the UnExpo is going to be an attendee-driven expo. Meaning that rather than a room full of vendors promoting their wares, we’ll have a room full of attendees sharing their ideas, latest testing innovations or maybe even their latest testing conundrums. There are no thick and fast rules, we just want lots of testers talking testing!

Where Did This Top Idea Come From?

The community of course! Last year, at TestBash Brighton, we received feedback from some attendees that they would like more to do during the breaks. Expos are what some conferences use to fill their break-time gaps, but expos have never fit in with our ‘user-experience’ goals for TestBash. However, we are driven by what our community wants, love experimenting with new ideas, and so the UnExpo idea was born!

When And How Will It Work?

The UnExpo will run during the morning, lunch and afternoon breaks of TestBash Brighton on 16th March 2018. During this time, attendees will be given the chance to set up a poster stand to share their latest innovations, testing practices, new tools, testing problems, or thoughts on any topic that will initiate interesting discussions.

There will be a poster creation station, where those with something to share, say or pose can get creative with lots of exciting stationary, arts and crafts (no glitter though, that’s bad for dolphins) to make a poster of beauty.

Other attendees, armed with post-its, pens and awesome ideas, will then be able to visit stands of interest to discuss all things testing!

What’s The Benefit Of An UnExpo?

Whether you set up your own poster stand or visit other tester’s stands, there are many benefits to taking part in the UnExpo, such as:

  • It gives you an opportunity to engage in conversations with other attendees interested in the same subjects as you. Who knows what that may lead to in the future… potential collaborations, job offers, or maybe even a new tester friend!

  • When running a stand, you could gain impartial and insightful feedback from peers. Critique, both positive and negative, can help you improve ideas and solve problems.

  • As an attendee, it gives you a quick and accessible way to see and hear all about what the testing community is up to. What tools are others using? What problems are they encountering? What solutions are they creating? All packaged up in one room, ready and waiting for you!

This All Sounds Amazing, How Do I Take Part?

Come to TestBash Brighton!! It’s the home of testing, the home of friends! Only attendees can join in on the UnExpo fun!

To Run A Stand At The UnExpo

Any TestBash Brighton attendee can apply to run a stand at the UnExpo! If you have something to share with or pose to the community, you should register your interest. All you need to do is fill in this brief form letting us know who you are and what your poster idea is. We’ll then be in touch if you’ve managed to bag a stand, letting you know more details and when your break-time slot is (morning, lunch or afternoon).

To Sponsor The UnExpo

The UnExpo is looking for sponsors to support the running of the event. As a sponsor, you will get full acknowledgement that the UnExpo is sponsored by you, some branded stationery to be used throughout, and you’ll also get your own poster stand to get involved in the discussions. It’s a really great opportunity to show the testing community that you want to engage in meaningful conversations and support them


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