TestBash Germany Tickets Now On Sale
2nd May 2017

TL:DR On 6-7th of October 2017 TestBash Germany is happening in Munich. Early bird tickets are now on sale, so register now and save.

TestBash Brighton sold out 2 months in advance. TestBash Manchester sold out 3 months in advance. Please bear this in mind when booking!

After weeks of reviewing and planning, we are proud to announce the program for our very first TestBash Germany conference. The lineup we have chosen covers a variety of topics. Below is a brief insight into the conference, we hope this inspires you to attend.

  • You’ll hear about agile transformation, risk management and project planning, regression and accessibility testing  – important topics for many software projects.

  • One of the godfathers of DevOps – Noah Sussman – will be there talking all things ‘Tentacular’ – will we witness the birth of a new movement?

  • We also have Mr #NoEstimates himself, Vasco Duarte. Don’t be fooled by NoEstimates expression, we have proof that Vasco always delivers on time!

  • The testing troll will make an appearance and hold up a mirror to show us some testing anti-patterns.

We’ve selected these topics, and these speakers, as we believe they all have vast amounts of experiences and knowledge to share with us, that will really make us all think.

This program is suitable for all levels and backgrounds within testing, be it testers, QA engineers, developers, DevOps, system architects, Scrum Masters, we feel it has something to offer all. We feel everyone will find the content valuable, allowing attending to reflect and learn in the safe environment of a TestBash family event.

TestBash is one-day single track conference so you don’t have to choose which talks to attend, you get to sit comfortably and hear them all!

The day will also provide several opportunities for networking, allowing you to share stories and ideas, meet old and new friends, and finally meet people you may have only known from social media! They are real!

Conference Day (Friday 6th October 2017):

  • #NoEstimates, An Unconventional Approach to Managing Software Deliveries – Vasco Duarte

  • Tentacular Continuity: The Game of Software Agriculture – Noah Sussman

  • Next Stop: FlixBus! A Tester Exploring Developer Land – Lisi Hocke

  • How Industrial Anthropology Influenced My Testing – Christian Kram

  • Dear Future Me… a letter to myself about testing, the universe and everything – Alexandra Schladebeck

  • A Tester Guide To Win Developers Respect! – Carmen Sighiartau

  • Testing Accessibility – Automated, Continuously and Reported – Patrik Karisch

  • “Worst” Practices of Software Testing – Viktor Slavchev

  • Regression Mitigation Strategy Model – Pekka Marjamäki

Saturday – Open Space:

On Saturday we will host an Open Space / Unconference in the beautiful office of MaibornWolff GmbH. The format of an Open Space event allows us the opportunity to reflect on the previous day’s topics and dig deeper into those that interested us most. Many of the speakers will be present allowing you engage in deeper conversation about their talks or experiences.

However, the Open Space is not limited to just topics from the previous day, you can also bring your own topics and host an informal discussion on them. They could be problems or insights from your own workplace, ideas you want to discuss or just general topics related to testing that really interest you. You get to make the agenda, you get to make it an event that really works and provides value for you.

Social events:

As always, there will be a pre and post conference meetups.  Please allow time in your schedule to attend these as well.

More in depth details of all the talks, the Open Space and meetups can be found over at The Dojo on the TestBash Germany 2017 event page.

Register and save some money with early bird tickets!